3 comments on “Yes, I’m Lucky to Have Gastroparesis on Saint Patrick’s Day!

  1. Way to focus on the positive. Not always easy, I’m sure. You’re awesome! Hope that dish is delicious!

    • Thanks Sarah!

      It took me awhile to accept my Gastroparesis life, but have found it is so much easier to manage by focusing on the positive pieces. (Easier said than done.)

      The dish will be full of delicious friendship!


  2. I reached a lucky number of 100 lbs today on Saint Patrick’s Day! The sun is shining and we took our pup Luna out for a fun play date with her friend Rocky. Between that, a delicious chocolate banana date smoothie, and lots of rest, I’ve found a good balance this weekend.
    There is a handout on my blog for a page to share with family and friends on what you CAN eat. Also has some good info on GP and what to avoid. Might help same you from an extended text message in the future, lol. Just email it to whoever wants to help! Hope you found some balance this weekend as well 🙂

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