2 comments on “Vitamin D Super Dose Isn’t So Super

  1. Wow, my boyfriend has been on 50,000 IU for Vitamin D. the past few months as well (he will be re-tested to see if his levels are back to normal). However, he was put on the Vitamin D for other reason (not for GP) and he hasn’t had any unusual sleepiness, but as far as I know his digestion works fine!
    I’m sorry to hear that you have been sleeping so much and if it is the Vitamin D that your amounts will be lowered soon! I hope work is not wearing you out that much either!

  2. I also take 50,000 IU per week and haven’t had any problems. I also have profound gastroparesis and fat malabsorption. Unfortunately, I don’t absorb any vitamins, including vitamin D. I’m still deficient, even after two years on the mega dose. I wish I would get sleepy, but I also have insomnia, probably as a result of the vitamin D deficiency. My doctor has always monitored the vitamin D levels to make sure toxicity doesn’t occur.

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