10 comments on “Weather Shifts Are Not My Friend!

  1. I have to say I held a pity party for my self yesterday, I’ve had a pretty good couple of months and out of nowhere, blasted again 😦 bring positive and fighting back is the best choice I could have made, versus crying and complaining (which is so easy to do)! Thanks for you’re post!

  2. I have missed MIlle’s posts! I am so glad to read this today, from my daughter’s hospital room, as she has had her worst flare in a year. It came out of NOWHERE a week ago. Even her last emptying study, just done in July, came back significantly improved. Back in school for the first time in 3 years! Then, wham!…

    Thank you thank you for helping me to feel less crazy.

    • Thanks Pat!

      Hope that your daughter finds some relief! Don’t worry, you are not crazy & you are definitely not alone!

      I need to get back on the blogging wagon! (I plan to do it soon.)


  3. There might be something to the barometric pressure theory. When there is a drastic change in the pressure I get horrible migraines. It might also have something to do with why arthritis sufferers can feel when it is getting cold or when it is going to rain. My husband has arthritis, so we are quite a pair when the weather changes. Thanks for the reminder to keep positive during the tough times.

  4. I just finished my internship in the PNW and had a flare-up this past week (I came back to the East last night). It used to be a year in between flares, then it was down to six months, and now it seems to be every two months now… I was doing so well for so long… I also have arthritis in my back and I know that it has flared up before in the past from temperature changes… the frustrating thing is trying to tell people that your GP flares and symptoms can change monthly and daily… cry, let it out, and then like you said, focus on the positive! Thank you again for understanding us and keeping this blog! 🙂

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