10 comments on “Did I Swallow Razor Blades?

  1. I have heard from doctors that GERD is worse in the spring and fall (go figure)! I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling with it. I have had acid reflux not very often during my GP time. I can tolerate some slightly spicy foods, but I don’t eat those very often.
    I’ve only had two upper GI endoscopies so far in a decade that ruled out no ulcers or beozars. You are on a regular schedule to have ones it sounds like it?

    • My GI doctor wants to do an endoscopy every two years to keep an eye on my esophagus due to GERD. He wants to make sure that the erosion isn’t getting worse. Thanks goodness for prescription prilosec & zantac!

  2. I also used to take Zantac, but OTC. This past week I’ve had slight acid reflux… I think it’s partially my fault for eating too late (I always have more of an appetite in late afternoon or evening) and then going to bed too soon lately… uggh!
    I hope that things stay the same on your GERD situation!

    • Hi Jen,
      I also have more of an appetite in late afternoon. I think that the Prilosec works much better for me than the Zantac.
      Fortunately the GERD has subsided (mostly) this past week!


      • I actually ate two sandwiches for lunch (I didn’t have breakfast because I slept in too late) and an banana! I don’t think I’ve eaten that much in a while… and I felt great and did lots of walking too!
        I’m glad we’re also over our GERD! Awesome news!

      • Thanks and sorry about not being able to eat bananas! Triscuits bother me, and certain cheeses. I don’t consume dairy very often because it seems to give me too much mucus and leads to never ending nose-blowing! Crystal’s “Living Well With GP” book really seems to fit most of what I avoid!
        Plus, I don’t do soy or rice milk. It’s amazing how much food now has carrageenan and the horrible dyes that have been banned in Europe. Frustrating!

      • I do! I noticed that corn tortillas would bother me in the past (never eat them now, or Mexican food), but I can eat regular corn (like sweet corn) now and then, but I don’t eat any corn chips. Soy milk bothers me but I can eat a veggie burger now and then. I avoid aspertame and high fructose corn syrup (I always read the ingredients on food and even if HFCS is the last thing listed I still don’t want to eat/buy it)! Wheat or gluten products haven’t ever bothered me either, although I don’t eat them as much as I used to. What about you?

      • I also stray away from/limit wheat/gluten. I eat a lot of Greek Yogurt & Tofu Smoothies.
        Mainly, I stick to chicken and rice dishes. Fortunately I can tolerate various herbs/seasonings.


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