6 comments on “Battling for Sanity

  1. Was this flare-up related to going to D.C.? I hope not!
    I hope your dizzy spells subside… I got them really badly in 2004-2005 then off and on until 2008… after that, never had a spell again, but I still deal with the vomiting and bloating. 😦
    I’m glad you have a great dog! Feel better soon!

    • Hi Jen,
      I think the flair was a combination of being in DC and then going to Phoenix for work and back to the Northeast. It was A LOT of flying, climate changes, and body pressure changes. Although, I am starting to feel better now.
      The dizzy spells are the worst! I often feel as though I am about to pass out when the dizzy spells hit.
      Yes, my dog is amazing! Pet therapy is legit!


      • What state do you live in? I am originally from Ohio. 😉 Glad you are feeling better!
        Yeah, I know what you mean about the climate changes and body pressure/altitude issues. My problem was that I wasn’t keeping myself hydrated enough while flying (mostly because I wanted to limit bathroom breaks). I would end up with a headache most of the time and then I started using Dramamine on the longer flights but I hated how I felt sleepy all day (and it was the non-drowsy kind), but it’s better than ending up feeling ill.
        Wow, and I heard that Phoenix just reached their first 90 degree day of the year… whew!

      • Fortunately, I stay pretty well hydrated. It seems to be the pressure changes that affect me the most. Even here at home when we have 20 degree temperature swings in 1 day.
        Off to Austin on Tuesday for a week. I’ll be glad when all of this traveling is done.


      • I’ve only been to Austin once and right after that is when I started getting sick. 😦 Stupidly I did not check out the university scene at the time!
        Good luck and stay well/feel good!
        Let me know if you are on LinkedIn…I got off of Facebook last year.
        Take care!

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