11 comments on “Roller Coaster of Emotions

  1. Oh Millie, This blog describes me to a T today! Before I read this blog I just got done writing to a friend of how tired I was of the ups and downs, the good days and the bad days. Even with a new grandbaby due in a week I am still finding it hard to stay positive at times. It’s nice to know I am not alone with the emotional roller coaster. Once again, thank you for your words!

    • Thanks Donna!
      It’s amazing how we all seem to flair and face depression at the same time. It is really odd how we are all in so much sync it is scary.

      Hope you start to feel better. I’m still a bit of a yo-yo.


      • What you describe with the “ups and downs” is exactly what has happened to me with GP over the years. I get crabby and feel like I’m not myself, then other times I’m extremely upbeat and feel more normal like I did during the “pre-GP years”… yesterday I actually got a dizzy spell and I haven’t had one in years (and wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary)… thank you hormones and bodily chemical fluctuations (daily and monthly)! ;-P Today I feel fine, however, so go figure!

    • Emotional roller coasters suck! I am new hear, by reading some of your posts, I am inspired and it gives me hope and something to look forward to. I am currently having my extreme downs right now, so it was nice to hear some positive. I have read some of your posts and I definitely have to agree with brain fog and your therory on gastroparesis affecting brain chemicals. And it is very TRUE. GP often limits the foods you can intake or tolerate. Certain foods give off chemicals that inhance the brain activity. When your brain lacks certain chemicals, it can give off a wide rannge of symptoms. When you are malnourished your brain doesn’t get the chemicals it needs to function properly. Some foods can even damage the brain. Here are some websites to check out that I just quickly googled. http://www.healthguidance.org/entry/14706/1/Natural-Brain-Food... , http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural…/foods…brain-power

      • Thank you Bri!
        I’m glad that you were able to have hope! Giving hope and educating others was my goal when creating this blog.

        Thank you for sending the information on how foods affect the brain. I will be checking it out for sure!


  2. I feel like I just bought a ticket to yet another theme park. I’m 33.. not 13. Don’t get me wrong I love the rides..but one thing I have yet to accept with GP is.. I have no control over the getting on and off of this ride. I have an image of myself in my mind.. inside my imagination I picture my life..the way it should be..the way it was supposed to be. The newer version of the American dream.. a little updated by our generation..but ready to succeed and fail..whatever it maybe.. I’m happy in my facade. My shadow has more depth than the usual cast. I am an intelligent ..loyal..caring.. helpful.. individual.. with GP.. the GP defines my life.. the cycle.. the physical causing the mental that causes the physical.. we r hamsters on the wheel ..

    • Thanks Kelly,
      It is so hard to come to grips with what life has to be versus what life should be due to GP.
      It is extremely difficult to find a way for GP to not define who you are. It is something that I have to continually work at every day.
      Hopefully you will find some relief soon!

  3. Wow, thank you so much for this. I’ve been feeling really alone and worried since realizing I have GP. I will regurgitate food (gross, I know, sorry) every night… Even up to 11 hours after eating it, if it’s something I don’t digest well- like cantaloupe). I am worried for my brain, literally, as the fluctuations from my weird digestion seem to cause a range of things- non specific worry (goes away when food regurgitates, presents before). I also suddenly began getting sleep problems- where I begin daydreaming into sleep the moment I close my eyes- mild hypnagogia, before fully asleep. Also, something almost like OCD, but seems very much tied to my overall digestion. I am very calm, generally, and logical… so the undigested food chemically impacting my brain scares me long term (implications). Anyway, it’s just hard. I’m also a mom and a wife. Thanks for your post! (On my cell, hope you can read this).

    • Awww Jen!
      Sorry to hear that you are going through a bad patch! GP is definitely a tough disorder to navigate (especially as a wife & mom)! The best advice I can give is to analyze your entire diet and eliminate as many chemicals as possible. It has made a huge difference for me & several other GPers that I have talked to.
      As much as we all get tired of hearing this phrase, hang in there!


      • Hope, 2 years later, this comment finds everyone well and active. The love of my life was recently diagnosed with GP about 8 months ago and has lost over 200lbs and use of her legs. To offer opinion on the chemical changes due to GP, it would seem if the body cannot get to nutrition needed to produce the proper chemicals than it goes to follow that with malnutrition comes chemical imbalances. I will try to direct my dearest to this page once I know if it is still active.

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