6 comments on “Creating a Reward System for Gluten-Free April

  1. I went Gluten and Dairy free a few years ago, I am also on a low fat, low acid, and no tree nut diet. If you want any tips on the diet my momma and I pretty much have it down to a science! You would be amazed at some of the things that do contain gluten! Good luck! ❤

  2. I have been trying to be Gluten Free since February ’13.. and I am 100% GF Mon-Fri but then the weekends comes… and it all goes down the toilet. I feel better when I am GF, Dairy Free, and Meat Free. Every day is a struggle with me. I have “give up” days… 😦

    • Hi Ashleigh,

      It is extremely difficult to power through the “give up” days. However, once you do it a handful of times and start to feel a little better it helps to have the motivation to keep going.

      Although, I think all of us have our days where we just want to be “normal” and backslide.


  3. I have been trying my best to be Gluten Free since February… I am GF, dairy free, and meat free Monday – Friday and then the weekend comes around… and Blah!!! I end up falling off the wagon & binge eating…. Every day (2 years now) is a struggle… 😦

    • Hi Ash,

      Another big key is to find something that you can tolerate and really enjoy. Then when you are craving things that you can’t have try to have the special item you know you can tolerate.

      This is MUCH easier said than done but is one tactic that I’ve tried to help me get through.

      Although, I haven’t found a replacement for my coffee yet, but got a hot tip on a tea that I might start substituting.


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