4 comments on “Setting Priorities in Life

  1. You are inspirational! I had a rough day today, and this really is exactly what I needed to be reminded of. Thank you:)

  2. What another great posting! One of my good friends I used to work with would call those “draining” types of people, “energy vampires!” As people over time didn’t understand my condition (some even thought that I was making it up!) drifted away, I’ve gotten used to having just a small circle of friends and family (this wasn’t much of an adjustment for me anyway since I was always like that… not a “social pinball” of sorts, ha-ha), and that minimizes stress and flare-ups.
    Like you said, people that put career first before anything else I feel like are trying to run/hide from something and are not comfortable with themselves. Most probably wouldn’t even “slow down” even if they had to because of a possible chronic illness and thus, the evil cycle would continue.
    There is so much more to life than just working to make society “happy.” I wish more people could read this blog and learn that along with GP awareness! 🙂

    • “Energy Vampires” is a perfect term!
      I’m excited about my potential new path, but there are still some details to hammer out. I am hoping that it pans out because I think it will really help me get my symptoms more in check. 🙂


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