10 comments on “Getting Back to Normal by Doing Some Chores

  1. And speaking of limited energy, it seems like the past couple of days I’ve gotten like almost 10-11 hours of sleep each night and still felt exhausted for some reason (today I think I finally am somewhat back to normal)!
    But, I do have those “ups and downs” spurts of energy, like you are having and I get “so excited that I just can’t hide it!” 😉 Music really helps.
    We are lucky to live with understanding people that help out, too!
    Looking forward to future blog topics, as always! Enjoy your weekend!

      • I was worried about going out to dinner last night, but I took half of it to go (and finished the leftovers today, no problem!) and I ended up doing fine! And, today I feel like I got my vibe back… maybe it’s because the temps are now like springtime?!
        Hope your acupuncture appointment gets you back in the groove!

      • Thanks Jen!
        Glad to hear that dinner went well!
        Today I feel like a slug (will be writing about it soon) and am so thankful to have acupuncture tonight to help snap me out of it.


  2. You go girl! We must be on the same parallel today. I have been reading Cyndi Lauper’s memoir which inspired me to rock out to some 80’s too and get some cleaning done. Enjoy the coffee while you can, on day 4 without here. Crave it every morning but replaced with Yogi Tea’s Perfect Energy and really liking it.
    Both gluten free and acupuncture help with energy and clearing the brain fog as well. Glad this is all helping you. Back to my “girls just want to have fun” la la la. Have a good weekend and make sure to not overdo it. 🙂

    • Thanks!
      It is odd how we all seem to cycle together at the same time: feeling good, flairs, blah, normal, etc. Even though we are all in different areas of the country and world it seems we follow similar cycles.
      Thanks for the tip on the tea! I will definitely be trying it. 🙂
      I can’t wait for acupuncture tomorrow, I need some of these cobwebs cleared out!


  3. How lucky you are. I also have a great ‘friend’. He takes me to the ER, picks up things I need, (mainly my meds), sweeps the kitchen floor, does gardening and comes over to take the trash out. I am very blessed with a supportive family. My sister takes me to all my specialist and pushes me in a wheelchair wheni am too exhausted to walk. My 84 year Super Mom comes to visit and stays with me for a few days. She gives the best hugs…I do feel bad that she has to pick her own food since my cupboards are bare )on a feeding tube and know she would prefer grilled chicken).

    • Hi CJ,

      Glad to hear that you are surrounded by so much support. I agree that there is nothing better than a good strong hug. There is something about the safety of a hug that can’t be replaced.

      I’m sure your mom doesn’t mind picking up her own food. She is probably just glad that you don’t mind her cooking it at your place!

      Keep fighting!

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