4 comments on “Where Did the Energy Go?

  1. I don’t know if it was from my dinner from Saturday night or what, but I had another 12 hour sleep as well and still feel out-of-it today… I thought I’d never get up this morning… maybe my body is still dealing with that dinner (even though I split up the leftovers?)! What gives? Maybe the GP Elves have found a way to “comic connect” us GPers this month?! Yikes! 😉

    Maybe I’ll get out of this funk come Wednesday when I go back to my chiropractor… I have so much to do in the next month but somehow will do it (we will)! 🙂

    One thing I know is that I’ve ALWAYS been more productive late afternoon or early-late evening or even into the wee hours of the nighttime. However, GP hasn’t changed that schedule for me. What about you?

    • Thanks Jen!
      I’m starting to feel a bit better now that I had acupuncture but am still out of it. It is so frustrating!

      I agree, it seems that we are somehow connected because there are several people flairing right now.

      For me, the levels of productivity vary but it seems that if I can make it out of bed that I am most productive in the morning. By the end of the day I am pretty wiped out.


      • Today I was just the opposite again, I felt like I was back to the years before I had GP… I did some yard work and worked on my current projects, and I even did cleaning inside! And, I was able to get up before 9am and didn’t sleep more than 8 hours. My energy is soaring and I am making the most of it while it lasts!
        I hope my boost of energy transfers to you and others on the blog! Hang in there!

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