2 comments on “Define Your Legacy

  1. There was someone where I now live that just crossed the finish line and just a few minutes later heard the bombs go off (I caught the segment on our local news)! She and her mother ran two blocks back to their hotel and called everyone to let them know that they were okay. Like you said, it really makes you think about your time here and now and no one knows when your time is up. I agree that having GP has really made me modify my life, I know that we all do but the main thing is I don’t let things get to me anymore as they once did. I am myself and don’t feel like I have to fit a particular “type.” I am traveling while I can and spending more time with people that are not “energy vampires.” I think we all have doubts on “I should have done more,” but I think that I am satisfied with what I have experienced and accomplished up until this moment. 😉

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