2 comments on “Feeling Normal?

  1. take your list and add 3 more colonoscopies, a virtual colonoscopy, surgery stent placements and removal and numerous ct’s all in the last 9 yrs. Although I do have to say that I have not tried the Canadian medicine. If there had been more education to the Dr’s, all of these repeated tests would not have to be done.

    • Wow, you both have had double on the amount of tests that have been run on me… I was never told to provide stool samples, oddly enough, no EKG or even an IV.
      As for the “remissions,” I have heard that it can happen. Between 2006-2009 were actually tolerable, but then between 2010-2011 was the worst (and that’s when I was finally diagnosed with GP)… now the past couple years it’s leveled out again… so odd.
      They say that a woman’s chemistry changes every 7 years… not sure again if this is the hormone connection or what… maybe men that have GP have more hormonal sensitivity?
      I was in my late 20s when I started getting bad and scared what was wrong with me… I wonder if we will get worse or better as we age… I know it’s not worth worrying about but I still can’t help it…

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