5 comments on “On Cloud Nine!

  1. THAT’S FANTASTIC AND CONGRATS! I’m sure I can speak for everyone that reads your blog that they will love anything that you can provide in the future from your efforts and research! 🙂

  2. that is double good news for me today, I also found out my SSDI was approved. Now I hope I can get the treatments I so desperately need. Congrats on your success. I now have a huge smile on my face. Thank you for giving us a voice and continuing to fight. Keep up the good work

    • Wow, Bri, that’s fantastic! Did you finally get it initially, or after an appeal? I was wondering how it was working for GPers… I see YouTube videos of people that also really need it but they keep getting denied!

  3. I got it on the initial try. However, I have several medical issues along with gastroparesis. I don’t think I got approved on just GP alone. I think my other medical factors were big contributors. My advice to others is to be as truthful, honest, and thourough as you can.

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