6 comments on “One Foot In Front of the Other

  1. I wish you the best of luck, you will be on my mind as well. I used to run all the time to clear my mind, but had to stop because of my knees. But I tell you what, I am really quick on getting to the bathroom on time. Hope all goes well, as always thank you for the inspiration, 🙂

      • I can still walk. Although it is painful from time to time. They have a tendency to lock or give out unexpectedly. I haven’t mastered the art of gracefully falling. As long as I don’t overwork them and take it easy on stairs, I am ok. My doctor doesn’t want me to walk too much, he would rather I exercise in a pool. Can’t afford to go to a gym or YMCA, so I am waiting until our complex opens the pool back up.

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