4 comments on “Clean Out the Chemicals From Your Diet

  1. been doing it for a while, but I do occasionally cheat, sometimes by accident, and when I do, my body really feels bad, it is not worth it. It is amazing how much food contains GMO’s, and if you are a label reader like me, most of the food in grocery stores has some type of GMO in it. Are you joining the March Against Monsanto May 25? Many cities in the US are participating, you can probably find a city near you, they have a facebook page that can give more info, (MarchAgainstMonsanto) I am hoping to be well enough to go, I am not going to march, but I will be at the end to spread awareness, if my health holds up.

  2. Hi Bri and Millie (and All),
    The documentary “Food Inc.” comes to mind with regards to Monsanto!
    I can tolerate fast-food if it’s very infrequent and I get “healthy” choices from the menus (if you can call some of them that I guess)!
    I hope everyone feels good for Memorial Day weekend!

    • be careful Jen, a study was just done indicating that some of the healthy choices at fast food places are actually not that healthy, but when compared to other stuff on the menu they may be lower in calories and fat. Don’t remember where I heard it, but it just came out recently. When eating out, it is hard to determine what ingredients are actually being used and by what process. It is healthier to make your own meals so you know exactly what you are putting into your body. But, that can be difficult at times because of low energy and you just want to take the quick route, but I always pay for it one way or another.

      • I agree and I have heard that before as well… luckily that when I do get fast food it’s something like fish, chicken or turkey and I tolerate it fine, just as long as I didn’t have a big meal earlier on in the day and I’m pretty hungry for it! And, I’m pretty selective where I will go… I actually had a veggie burger from Hardee’s a couple of months ago for lunch (but I didn’t have breakfast) and I felt just fine… usually if it’s not around that lovely “time of month” I don’t have the bloating and I haven’t had a vomited episode since last year… it’s amazing! I still credit some of it to my chiropractic work, but sometimes I think that I’m just in a remission stage again… who knows? The ups and downs of GP (luckily now I’m in an “ok-up” phase).
        Hope you are feeling good these days!

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