6 comments on “Heat Wave House Arrest

  1. That’s exactly why I want to move out of the East… the humidity also bothers me! But sometimes what is worse is being inside with the A/C on constantly… I want to be able to turn it off and open the windows for fresh air… but it’s impossible!

    I think that maybe if I didn’t have GP I wonder if I could still tolerate the heat… what would we do without A/C though these days? Yikes!

    I’m glad you had some friends over and did something fun this weekend! There are times that I just sleep and sleep… it’s the only way we can recover and go on day to day (and I won’t feel selfish one bit)! ;-P

    Stay cool with your b-friend and pooch! 🙂

  2. I feel the same way. Where I live in Texas, we are lucky if it gets below 90 by midnight. I feel like a vampire going to the store before sunrise. When I do decide to venture out on a good day because most places are not open 24/7. I am sick as a dog for days after. I love winter and I am totally living in the wrong state.

  3. I had never experienced this until today, actually. But today is the first day I’ve had the heat AND had to work – needless to say, it wasn’t a good combo for me. I feel awful; my head is spinning. I know I’m dehydrated but can’t seem to catch myself back up on that with all this heat. Such issues! A “normal” day would be so nice 🙂 Hope you’re doing better today with the heat – I should have taken your words to heart and just stayed home today!!

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