5 comments on “Popping the 50th Post Balloon!

  1. I too feel so much better after an acupunture treatment. I get mine every 2 weeks now. We started weekly, then every 2 weeks, then monthly. Was not doing good with the monthly so moved back to every 2 weeks. Glad you found some relief

  2. Yes, I agree 100%!!! That is so great you were able to get the lovely benefits from it. I always have a yummy dinner the day of, sometimes even out with my hubby, because food settles so much better and I’m actually HUNGRY for it. Can you imagine if we could go a few times a week? I spent a year in school for acupuncture until I got really sick. Studying the history and science behind was an incredible experience. Here is an article I wrote for a lovely blog you might enjoy 🙂 She will be graduating as an acupuncturist soon and her site is quite inspirational.

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