5 comments on “Picking Yourself Up After You Fall

  1. You rock for getting back on that bike! Hope your day is getting better.
    Had to laugh at your coffee/soda thought. I too don’t drink soda except if I really need to belch…but the other day I had such a taste for some 7up and drank a 16oz bottle. Oh boy! Will not do that again as I had such bloating it wasn’t even funny. Was a nightgown type of evening after getting off work….didn’t want anything near the waistline.

    • Oh no Susan!
      The bloating is the WORST! Fortunately acupuncture and gluten-free seem to be helping me find some relief with that.
      I am also addicted to Seagram’s Ginger Ale. I go through about 2-3 cans per day. So I think I am addicted to the burping! 🙂


  2. OH NO! I’m sorry to hear this… that is probably the most frustrating thing about GP… you are doing/feeling great and then all of a sudden your symptoms return with a vengeance out of nowhere! And I really feel for you for having that happen while in a car for so long!
    As you would say, I wish those darn GP elves would stay away this spring from everyone!

  3. I do the same, sadly, with carbonated beverages. But one great GP gal told Mr to put it in a blender to get most of the bubbles out. Since I avoided it like the plague, I gave it a shot. It does work! Sorry to hear about your night gown night. Ugh.

    • Thanks Melissa!
      The blender is a great idea! Although for some reason I seem to like the bubbles in my tummy. Not sure exactly why, maybe it just reminds me of when I was sick as a kid. 🙂


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